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ó Eirinn ghlas A special welcome to my potential visitors who don’t practice French!
For your behoof I have written a short summary about myself and my hounds. Hopefully you will then turn to the different pages to have a look at the pictures.

Our first Irish Wolfhound, Antrim of Green Ireland (called Belphégor) arrived in 1983 after we had moved to south of France into an old farmhouse with five acres of fenced land.
Two years later we found ourselves with four Wolfhounds, one dog and three bitches. They were companion dogs and we loved them a lot. At that time I had not the slightest intention neither to show nor to breed but very soon I got interested in the breed, in particular its origins and I read everything I could find to learn even more.
Also, over the years, I had the opportunity to meet significant breeders who through their activity contributed greatly to the preservation of the breed according to the standard, and from whom I have learned a lot. With my gratitude!

In 1989 we got our first brood bitch, Ina of Green Ireland. I showed her a lot and she became a French champion. She had a litter in 1990 from which I kept Faragh and Fionnghal (F-litter). Our intention was to create a line based on the bitches.

Faragh was bred twice (L-litter in 1995 and N-litter in 1997). From each we kept two puppies.

Her daughter Liadain was mated in 2000. She had a litter of four dogs and three bitches (R-Litter). Unfortunately two dogs were affected with rhinitis (P.C.D.). The first one died from pneumonia at 4 months and the second, less affected, reached the age of four. He grew into a very tall and substantial fellow though he was under antibiotics all the time. As this disease is a hereditary one (autosomal recessive) Raína, even non affected was a carrier and with much regret we decided to have her spayed. This was the end of our short line...

In 2007 we got Araberara Mavalá, a very pretty puppy, that should have allowed me to take up again, but at the age of 20 months she died from a lightning menengitis within 24 hours.

Now we have Alixstowe Donagh. She is just 3 years old and I intend to mate her in Summer. She is a sound bitch with a beautiful temperament and I hope well for the future.

Ina with Faragh et Fionnghal in Summer 1993

Ina with Faragh et Fionnghal in Summer 1993

Liadain ó Eirinn ghlas, 3 years

Liadain ó Eirinn ghlas, 3 years

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